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Knit fabrics

Rugged. Refined.

Motif development

Motif development

Mountain Range motif and fabric sample

Mountain range fabric sample

Red Sky motif and fabric sample

Red Sky fabric sample

Texture map Mountain Range motif photoshopped onto shirt. Example of potential end use.

Inspiration and color storyboard

Fabric storyboard

Rugged. Refined. is a pair of knit fabrics intended to combine the rough and tough outdoors man with a refined elegance. Both designs were inspired by elements in nature - a mountain range and ocean reflection - and maintain an overall simple style with elegance in the details. 

Printed fabrics


Cotton Comfort

Cotton Comfort and Microscopic are two separate collaborative projects of printed fabrics. Both were printed onto cotton sateen.

Motif development

Dissected cell motif and Fabric1 sample

Fabric1 sample

Multi-color cell motif and Fabric2 sample

Fabric2 sample

Green cell motif and Fabric3 sample

Fabric3 sample

Microscopic collaborative storyboard and samples

Personal samples storyboard

Microscopic was inspired by the view of cells and cell structures under a microscope, particularly the vivid colors of dyed cells. The various designs were inspired by both plant and animal cell structures.

Motif development

Motif development

Cotton boll motif and Fabric1 sample

Fabric1 sample

Fabric2 sample

Fabric2 closeup

Cotton Comfort collaborative storyboard and samples

Cotton Comfort was inspired by the growth cycle of cotton. The set of fabrics depict three distinct stages: seed, blossom, and boll.

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